What Do We Mean By "Emerging Markets"?

Communities across the world are unavoidably moving through an economic cycle that can be described as;

  • Buyer's Market I - Correction, oversupply, rise in inventory and days on market, property values begin to decline
  • Buyer's Market II - Conversion, absorbing oversupply declining property costs, the greatest opportunity for future appreciation.  This season precedes the Emerging Market.
  • Seller's Market I - Recovery, prices on the increase and the beginning of appreciation
  • Seller's market II - Peak, prices at extremes, low potential for appreciation, signals the end of the cycle only to repeat again

The process often takes years to transition and at any one time, every city is currently at one of the above seasons.  Refuge Investments has mastered these indicators allowing our team to find appreciating opportunities throughout our beautiful nation and provide above average returns to our Partners.

How Can I Participate?

We have several opportunities for partners to participate;

  • You may join us as an Accredited Investor for ownership in specific real estate transactions.  You receive both cash-on-cash returns and an ownership position gaining the windfall earnings upon sale of the asset.  (Do I qualify;  IRS - Accredited Investors)
  • Sponsors are offered specific ownership rights for securing and underwriting financing and assisting with initial pursuit costs.  Participation as an Investor is common.
  • Brokers are celebrated for bringing above average deals for consideration.  We commit to protecting your deals and we do not share your commission structure.

How Do Investors Make Money?

As a Partner, you will initially receive cash flow from the acquired occupied property that is distributed regularly.  Additionally, when the property is sold you will receive your initial principal investment, plus your share of the appreciation and value created by our team's management.

Can I Invest With My IRA?

Absolutely.  The process of investing with an IRA and benefiting from its tax-deferred status has been fully approved by the IRS and we have third party professionals to help you with this process.

Can My Lawyer and CPA Review The Investment Documentation?

It would be our pleasure to share all documents and literature with your support team.

Are You Requesting Money From Me Today?

No, this is not a request for funds.  All investment opportunities are offered in a professionally prepared Private Placement Memorandum or a Venture contract as the transaction may dictate.  These documents will stipulate among other things; the physical property, the operating agreement, management responsibilities and the financial possibilities that each opportunity presents.  Only upon the execution of these documents will monies be requested.