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Frequently Asked Questions

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We currently require a $50,000 minimum investment to participate. Our typical investor starts with $250,000.

Our most common question is best answered by defining our acquisition criteria. Refuge Investments seeks only to purchase properties with a minimum projected return to our investors of 2X or 200% of their equity over the duration of the investment term. During the investment, we typically provide a minimum of an 8% Preferred Annual Return distributed quarterly from the property cashflow. As with other investments there are risks, and no guarantee of return performance is offered or implied. More specific information is available in the Private Placement Memorandum.

A Preferred Annual Return describes our commitment that you, as a Limited Partner, will be FIRST to receive distributions from cashflow and the General Partners will not receive any distributions until increased cashflow is available.

Yes, we typically acquire cash flow producing properties and as the property and its business plan allow, we issue cash distributions to our investors from the profits generated.

We provide cash distributions on a QUARTERLY basis. They are typically released 30-days following the end of a three-month business cycle as cashflow allows.

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Absolutely, we will provide the street address, property, financial and market information. You are invited to drive up and see the property. As a Limited Partner, you will receive all of the benefits of owning real estate including shared cashflow, tax advantages, appreciation, etc. We are not a Blind Pool Fund, REIT or a Stock Market Derivative.

You are investing into a specific real estate project which may provide an opportunity to receive a portion of your capital back prior to the sale of property, typically through a refinance of the property. You can however invest more in the same property if the raise is not yet complete or invest in subsequent opportunities.

Our typical investment term is three to five years. However, there are circumstances that might accelerate or delay the business plan. For instance, we could be approached by a buyer with an unsolicited offer that is so good we meet our business objectives early. Or, the market conditions are not favorable toward the end of the hold period, and thus we would delay the sale until conditions change.

No, you do not need to be Accredited to invest with us. You can participate as a Sophisticated Investor if you have previous experience in similar investments or you may use your accountant or financial advisor to approve your participation. What is an Accredited Investor? This is a government qualification defining an investor by one of two thresholds: either $200,000 or more of annual income for the last two years OR $1,000,000 of assets not including your personal residence. For a detailed explanation please Click Here for information directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

We support all personal accounts, joint accounts, investment accounts (IRA’s, 401k’s), and most entity accounts (Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, C Corporations, S Corporations, and Trusts). For additional IRA account info please see below. Overseas accounts will be considered on a case by case basis.

Yes, in fact you should, because of the many benefits to you as an investor. A Self-Directed (SEP, IRA, Roth, 401k or Keogh) retirement account allows you to direct your funds into real estate transactions while benefiting from the tax shelter of your plan. We have specialists on our team that can answer your questions and help you realize the investment breakthrough you have been looking for. For further information, Click “Email” or Can I use my IRA to invest

No, the investment property does not have to be located in your home state.

We are responsible for the preparation and filing of all tax documents for the entity holding title to the investment property. We will provide to you all related financial information and documentation in order to prepare your personal taxes.

As Limited Partners, you are free from any other obligation. We, the General Partners, obtain the debt and are responsible for the execution of the business plan.

Investors receive quarterly reports from the General Partner detailing: property performance including events and activities that have recently occurred on the property; a personalized statement showing your specific investment performance including cash distributions for the quarter; gross distributions to date and calculation of the annualized return. In addition, we provide GAAP level financials including an Income Statement (including Variance between Budget and Actuals) and Balance Sheet. Additional information available upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions


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