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Refuge Investments executive team is a collection of powerhouses in the Real Estate and Investment field with an outstanding record of over $2.3 billion investments and over 7 million square feet of acquired property. They target superior returns in the managed real estate investment field. They firmly believe that growing and enhancing communities will produce growing and profitable investment opportunities. Refuge Investments use their extensive industry expertise to provide investors with a safe real estate private equity portfolio that is hassle-free and low-risk. Their dedication to an under-appreciated real estate market class has given them a profound purpose and predictable profits while positively impacting families around the U.S. They are successfully converting coal into diamonds within the real estate private equity sector of workforce housing. Refuge Investments are experts who have developed a socially conscious, highly profitable investment strategy.
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We have over 80 years of experience and growing. We use a proven business strategy with predictable outcomes based on our unique and proprietary investment strategy. The basics of which are grounded in long-term profitability using a hands-on approach to asset management while focusing on wealth preservation and future profitability.



  • people
    • Investors making a difference
    • Happy residents who feel valued stay longer
    • Communities sharing pride in their living space
    • Families thrive With onsite service
  • property
    • Safe, secure, beautiful places to live
    • Improved, sustainable, low-cost communities
    • Value-Add Upgrades that serve both the community and the Investor
  • profit
    • Higher resident retention
    • Maximized investor returns
    • Lower long-term operating expenses

We are socially driven

social impact investing

We strongly believe in the fact that people, plus properties, will equal profits and create a better world. This is what we refer to as Social Impact Investing. It is in direct contradiction to common real estate investments that focus solely on returns while the lives of the property occupants are not truly considered, Applying Social Impact Investing, we have not only improved the family-living environments by adding community spaces and property renovations, but we continue our investment in the lives of the residents with onsite community events and special services.
Job fairs are one of the notable community services amongst the rest where interviews are held on the spot, and classes are held to teach residents how to get out of debt, improve their credit and improve their interviewing skills. Which all told, increases the residents' ability to stay out of debt, keep a job, and further widens their opportunities for future jobs. With this proven success, we have not only changed the lives of our residents, our investments have also provided an added purpose for our investors.
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social market focus

Another unique aspect of our sound proprietary investment strategy is our specific market focus on Class B and Class C workforce housing with high occupancy and existing strong cash flow provide further benefits for communities and investors. While essentially being neglected by most traditional firms, this market is uniquely positioned for our expertise. With a solid historic market trend of over 10% per year annually, workforce apartment properties have shown stability during economic market cycles. In contrast, Class A and core class assets are vulnerable to increased vacancies and concessions during economic downturns.

actively increasing property value

Traditionally Class B and Class C markets are not looked on favorably by investors as they suffer from deferred maintenance, under-capitalization, or missed management, which we see as a value-add opportunity. We actively increase property value by taking advantage of these opportunities and adding such things as enhanced lighting, shared facilities, landscape, and onsite beautification, which provides the community with a safer and more comfortable place to live.

asset management

We ensure that everything goes according to each property's business plan by leveraging our experience in multifamily acquisitions, construction, and asset management to direct the operations and improve the health of the property with best-in-class local property management firms. Regular site visits and constant communication by our team fösters a hands-on approach. These activities give our passive investors a truly hassle-free investing opportunity to own hassle-free real estate.

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While you can never have a zero-risk investment, Refuge Investments have brought to market an investment opportunity for investors to create long-term wealth With ongoing cash flow. Beneficial for those who not only care about financial returns but have a sustainable mission to make a difference in underserved communities without the management hassles. Invest now

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