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How Real Estate Private Investors Can Win Big in Established Neighborhoods

Refuge InvestmentsSeptember 15

How Real Estate Private Investors Can Win Big in Established Neighborhoods

Using your money to increase your net worth and using your money to help others doesn’t have to be an either-or situation.

More and more investors are putting their money to work in purposeful and meaningful ways while supporting their long-term investment goals. A very successful way to invest today is in real estate within existing communities that provide long-term, ongoing profits.

Learn how you can join the growing ranks of real estate private investors who are having a true social impact.

Why Historically Stable Communities Can Benefit Investors from Day-One

Well established neighborhoods can present an investor a very predictable and stable business model, supported by historic trends of rent growth and occupancy, that cannot exist in speculative new construction investments.

Another advantage of this category is the absentee or distressed seller that is motivated to dispose of a property they have owned for years.  They sell at a measurable discount to the market and add to the savvy investor’s profits day-one.  Add to that the immediate upside in the repair and reconstruction that promotes stronger occupancy and market level rents further building in profits.

The initial improvements restore the community’s pride and bring added value to the surrounding neighborhood.  However, if the buildings were left to neglect and succumb to aging, local property values would predictably begin to drop. So, through no fault of their own, the nearby homeowners would find that their property is now also worth less money.

When investors purchase an older, existing, building and renovate it, the process help’s halt the neighborhood’s decline. Property values go up, putting equity into the hands of the other property owners. New residents arrive and life does improve in the neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

How Real Estate Private Investors Can Also Make a Neighborhood Thrive 

Our Investors go beyond simply purchasing a property and then filling it to capacity. We make sure that we’re making a real difference in the lives of our residents. For example, when new residents move into our buildings, they’re moving into a structure that bears little resemblance to the old building.

We restore the deferred maintenance, add appropriate interior and exterior lighting for security, add community use spaces. We make the apartments not just livable but enjoyable. Our goal is to create a new kind of low-income housing where families don’t just survive but thrive.

By instituting community wide programs, we offer to teach residents about financial skills so that they will know how to best handle their budget and lessen the likelihood of falling into needless debt.  Restoring their Credit, and even financial investing.  Additionally, we arrange on-site job fairs to bring employers who are looking to hire directly in touch with residents in need of a better job.

Our community outreach efforts also assist residents to find local medical and dental professionals. Single parenting classes, after school programs and tutoring for the members of our communities.  Some residents may need help with furnishing their apartments or purchasing clothes for work and school. Our programs also help in those areas. Of course this article is too brief to cover all of the added benefits.

Put Your Money to Good Use 

Social impact investing isn’t for everyone. It’s not for those who care only about sterile traditional investments. Instead, it’s for those who believe that they can truly partner and enhance their lives by helping others without sacrificing their family’s investment goals.

Would you like to see your money do more than simply earn more money? Contact Refuge Investments today to learn how you can become one of our real estate private investors who’re determined to make a real difference.


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