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What Is the Impact of Multifamily Acquisitions in Established Urban Neighborhoods?

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What Is the Impact of Multifamily Acquisitions in Established Urban Neighborhoods?

Getting into real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth by leaps and bounds. Investing in established neighborhoods can be fulfilling and lucrative.

Renovating homes in older neighborhoods lets you earn more while helping the community. Here’s why investing in multifamily acquisitions can offer better opportunities for you and the community as a whole.

Multifamily Acquisitions Can Create Huge Social Impact

Learning about real estate investing helps you avoid mistakes and capitalize on opportunities. Consider the social impact of multifamily acquisitions before anything else.

Taking a tired property and renovating it improves the quality of life of an entire family. Working parents will be confident that their housing provides safety and security, helping them to be well-rested and better able to earn a living. Kids will have stable and functional living environments to do their homework and enjoy their childhood.

Since you’re investing in multiple units, this gift spreads to multiple families. When you improve these properties, the value of the entire neighborhood goes up. Improved property values can attract new and different businesses that create more jobs and can shift the paradigm of an entire neighborhood.

You’re making an impact on an entire community, which lets you do your part with a socially conscious investment. It lets you grow your portfolio and your altruism at the same time.

You Can Provide Homes to More Families

When you renovate an old building and make it not just livable, but luxurious, you’re giving entire families a gift that you can’t put a price tag on.

But, when investing in apartments, you’re handsomely rewarded for this investment, since providing multiple homes means that you also are collecting multiple rents from different tenants. You’re benefiting from acquiring one property that multiplies your revenue.

These properties also let you hedge your risk. If you own a building that features eighty different units, you won’t stress out as much if one tenant is late on rent.

The Long-Term Results Are Infinite

Fixing up a property and using it to provide affordable housing benefits everyone. The government often rewards investors through programs that pay landlords to fill these units and even offer attractively reduced loan rates and terms.

This helps to secure your investment and stabilizes the income that you bring in. Restoring and offering affordable housing decreases homelessness and improves the quality of life in the city and surrounding area. Further, you’re providing job opportunities for contractors in the area who handle the renovations and upkeep.

Buying in established neighborhoods also protects your property from competitive newly built apartments.

From a long-term perspective, good tenants who get access to stable, safe housing can become more upwardly mobile and contribute to their community.

Make Real Estate Investments That Count

If you’re interested in getting into real estate, multifamily acquisitions are a winning proposition.

At Refuge Investments, we believe that you can build wealth through real estate and make the world a better place at the same time. In fact, we specialize in helping our clients do just that.

We’re here to help whether you’re a real estate novice, or if you’re a seasoned investor looking to improve your portfolio. Use our contact form or give us a call at
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