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Social Impact Investments: Why Investors Are Making a Real Difference

Refuge InvestmentsMay 11

Social Impact Investments: Why Investors Are Making a Real Difference

It’s no secret that COVID-19 drastically reshaped the real estate industry. But, not all of the changes have been negative— there has been a sharp rise in investors that want to deploy their equity in a socially impactful way and are looking to contribute to the development of their local communities.  There is more to ROI than you might have considered before.

But, not everyone knows those investment opportunities exist and what kind of benefits they provide.

Don’t worry— we’ve got some specifics for you. Let’s explore some examples you should keep in mind regarding the benefits of social impact investments.

Affordable Housing for America’s Working Poor

Housing or shelter is one of humanity’s greatest needs. While we often hear the term bantered about by the media, there is a real need for affordable housing.  Freddie Mac calls these affordable units “Workforce Housing.”  When we speak of need, America is missing 11.5 million of these homes (  Maintaining America’s market-rate affordable apartment inventory is a paramount solution to the problem.  This topic deserves an article of its own.

Special Services and Events

Besides providing shelter, one of the most prominent benefits of social impact investing is our ability to provide for the heart and soul of the communities we acquire.

Intentionally planned social activities bring neighbors together to meet and celebrate their community and each other.  Events like these break down barriers and bring familiarity to both the community’s kids and adults.

Add to that the prospect of collaborating with local non-profits to bring in beneficial social activities.  For example, job fairs and classes in getting out of debt, repairing credit, and even resume writing.  Bringing resources like these to a struggling family can positively impact their future forever.

Addition of Community Spaces

Another key ingredient is the improvement or addition of community spaces. This provides a welcoming location for residents to gather for activities like events, recreation, and relaxation, etc.

Examples of community spaces that could be created include playgrounds, sports fields, picnic tables, and Rec. Centers. But, it’s also important to note that these locations can also be used to provide ongoing services to the members of the community.

Return on Investment

Of course, our business intention is for-profit, and we regularly distribute profits to our investors.  We make that possible by buying from distressed sellers that have not maintained their assets nor their residents.  These investment opportunities provide a loss-to-lease business opportunity for our fellow investors.

 How Do I Get Started?

You can get involved in social impact investing by working with our team of experts. We will help ensure that your money is used as effectively as possible to make an impact in the local community.

We also provide our co-investors with insight into exactly how your money is being allocated, such as specifics on the property, financial projections, market info, of each opportunity they’re investing in, etc. 

You’ll also receive a handful of advantages as a Limited Partner, ranging from tax, appreciation, priority access to available cash flow, etc. Reports are sent out to investors quarterly with details about community activities, property performance, and a wide variety of other metrics.

Make a Real Difference

We’ve just discussed some of the possible benefits, and there are quite a few. Our team invites you to learn how to use your investment equity to make a real difference with our social impact investing opportunities. 

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see what kind of ROI we can offer you.


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